DNC Catastrophe

In wake of the Democratic National Convention there are a few things that need to be discussed. Trust me I could write a book on all of the problems I had with the convention. But since this is about educating you (the reader) and not my soap box I will keep it simple and hit the highlights.

Three days ago Lezley McSpadden (Mike Brown’s mother) appeared on stage with other “mothers of the movement.” Mike Brown, famous for allegedly saying “hands up don’t shoot” before being “murdered in cold blood” was a criminal . Everything about that “murder” is a lie and yet the DNC thought it appropriate to bring her on stage.


An illegal immigrant and her daughter received a standing ovation after the little girl gave a speech. While the little girl did give a very sad and moving speech for one so young it is ridiculous that they were even on the stage. They are breaking a LAW it is not heroic or poetic or justifiable by any argument. Sure it isn’t as easy immigrating legally into the United States, but you are coming to the best damn country in the world it, YOU SHOULD HAVE TO WORK FOR IT(what a novel idea.) Yet, the DNC thought it appropriate to bring them on stage.


Almost everyone who took the stage warned that Trump would start World War III and/or a race war.


One reason and one reason only. Liberal ideology does not work if people realize the true problems that face our country. The almost 20 trillion dollars that we are in debt (take your pick of the founders of this great nation and imagine them hearing that fact.) The 48% of Americans who are paid or receive some benefit from the U.S. government. The lack of patriotism that now afflicts this country.

The Democratic party and “crooked Hillary” (Trump’s favorite term for Clinton) would rather you think about the racism and  inequality that faces everyone who is not white and male instead of the real issues that plague this country.







A New Group of Conservatives

In the million upon millions of posts, blogs, and articles you have somehow found yourself here. I am here for one reason; to give you the ammunition to hold an intelligible argument with even the most hardened and seasoned of our liberal counterparts.

With the “Trump Phenomenon” we have seen the emergence of a new group of people. College students who are proud to be conservative. But, as with many phenomenons many of its followers are participating simply because it is the cool thing to do. This can lead to many problems if you are part of this group and serious about politics.

Let me put it this way, every time you see a video of some Frat star yelling, “BUILD THAT F****** WALL” then proceeds to shotgun a beer your validity decreases. It has the same affect as a Sanders supporter with to many facial piercings to count, and a degree in underwater basket weaving preaching about free college. If we ever want to be truly heard as a group we will have to get educated.

What does this mean? It means forcing yourself to watch the Democratic National Convention. It means getting your facts from somewhere other than Facebook, Twitter, or even TV. It means going and finding someone who has different views than you and having an intellectual conversation with them. I couldn’t stress that last point enough so let me say it again. Get out of your comfort zone and speak or even befriend those who have different views than you.

As John Maxwell says, “if we’re growing, we’re always going to be out of our comfort zone.”

So get out there and keep your cool when you disagree with what they are saying. (trust me that can be one of the hardest things to do when you start out) Also, have fun with the experience you will grow and learn new things that will allow you to strengthen your views. And, more importantly intelligently defend those views.





The Thoughts of a Conservative College Student